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Did you know that only a small percentage of business owners are taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools of our time that Generates HVAC Leads consistently?  This tool is used by billions of people regularly and it is thee most common way for people to find services just like yours when they are in need.  If you haven’t figured it out already this tool is the internet and marketing agencies just like us have found ways to “hack” google into bringing your listing to the front page and here is how we do it.



Your Website Is Your HVAC Leads Generator


Picture your website as a billboard on a stretch of highway with over 100 million billboards just like it.  People driving down the interstate would notice the first couple billboards they see but will lose interest after the first dozen or so.  Your mission as an HVAC business owner is not only to make your billboard more appealing but to also move it to the front of line.  If your website is on the second page of Google or even further your business will cease to be found organically. Let’s be honest, you have never clicked onto the second page of Google search before unless you were super desperate.



Making Your Website Stand Out To Potential HVAC Leads


Here are 2 separate HVAC websites.  Which one do you think generates more HVAC Leads?

If you selected the second one you would be correct.  If your first impression of the 1st website left an old 90’s vibe in your mouth you aren’t the only one.  The outdated look and “feel” of the website just screams unprofessional.  You want your potential customers to trust you and your services BEFORE even speaking with you on the phone.  If you are able to do this you will have a 99% chance to convert that lead into a lifetime customer.



How To Rank Your Website To Generate HVAC Leads


What you are reading right now in your spare time is something called a blog post.  These blog posts are littered with keywords and are structured in a way to keep you stuck on our website.  These elements, along with backlinks and content richness, are insanely important to Google when ranking a webpage.  I have taught many classes on the fundamentals of SEO and one of the most important topics is Content Generation.  If you are able to write a single blog post with great structure and keyword density, you will rank on Google for many of your HVAC services.



Setting Up A Free HVAC Digital Marketing Plan


This is the most important step in having success with HVAC SEO.  Here is a step by step plan on getting an effective plan started and executed.

1.List Keywords(or Services) that your Ideal Customer will be looking for.

2.Download Yoast SEO or Rank Math to guide you on keeping your blog content SEO friendly

3.Start writing Blog Posts answering questions about your services (i.e. “How do I diagnose my air conditioner?”)

4.Post blogs weekly answering questions and if possibly make videos to go along with the blogs to help increase your rankings further.

5.Reach out to relevant websites(i.e. HVAC related websites) with broken links in their blog posts and see if they can link back to your content instead.

6. Rinse and repeat and eventually you will be the HVAC SEO champ.

This is an over simplified strategy but will definitely work over time.  SEO is not overnight results but will definitely pay off in the long run.  You just have to keep being consistent with your work and you will reap the rewards big time.  After doing this for a month you will probably understand why companies like us get paid to do this for businesses like yours.  It is very time consuming and insanely boring if you are not a nerd.

If you want to generate more HVAC Leads Organically and want to skip doing the grunt work, reach out to us and we will construct a plan to your budget and goals.  We help Small to Medium businesses succeed without destroying their wallets.

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