The Impact of Recent Consumer Trends on the Roofing Industry

Roofing Industry

The pandemic significantly affected the way people lived. In the days following the nationwide stay-at-home orders, consumers took on lifestyle changes that continue to influence trends. Industries and market sectors reorganized their strategies to adapt to these changes.

The roofing industry is known to lag behind trends. But the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior has compelled the industry to rethink the norm. Discover the consumer trends expected to take over 2021 to prepare your business accordingly.

How the Housing Market Affects the Roofing Industry

In 2020, the U.S. housing market experienced an increase in demand. With more people staying at home, renters were encouraged to become homeowners. The country’s housing market earned $2.5 billion despite the pandemic.

At the same time, long-term homeowners took on the task of improving their properties. When stay-at-home regulations eased, many began contacting roofers to enhance, repair, or replace their roofs. Experts predict that this will continue in 2021, prompting roofers to market themselves more aggressively this year.

Trends Affecting the Roofing Industry

Currently, three major consumer trends impact the roofing industry. Two of them are related to how you advertise your business. Understand these trends to make the appropriate adjustments to your roofing company.

Discoverability Online is the Key

The majority of the public are still staying at home, only leaving for essential activities. It means traditional marketing tactics, like billboards, posters, and flyers may no longer be sufficient. Roofers are now expected to adopt digital marketing solutions to keep their businesses afloat.

Most homeowners go online to find a roofer. They conduct their entire research here — from finding the nearest roofers and comparing their rates to reading customer reviews and ratings. It’s no longer practical for your roofing business to be absent online. Alternatively, it’s impractical not to invest in optimization solutions that will improve your visibility online.


Personalized Marketing Improves Sales

The roofing industry is highly competitive, regardless if you’re in Philadelphia or California. This is why the U.S. Small Business Administration has advised roofers to allot 7-8% of their annual budget to digital marketing efforts.

In addition to online discoverability, an excellent digital marketing campaign can be personalized to your audience. You’ll have more opportunities to reach people who will hire you. When done correctly, your digital marketing campaign can also help you improve customer loyalty.

Energy-Efficiency is Popular

Millennials and Gen Zers are known for being conscious consumers. They are interested in a product’s materials, production process, and recyclability. They are also known to choose products that promise energy-efficiency and sustainability.

The roofing industry is meeting this demand with innovative materials, such as photovoltaic shingles and solar-only shingles. More roofers are starting to offer these options to prove their commitment to sustainability and showcase their versatile inventory. Consider looking into these types of materials to attract more customers.

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