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Professional Service Businesses Need PPC

PPC management services are often overlooked whenChicago businesses plan their digital strategies, but they’re one of the most cost-effective campaigns, especially for professional service businesses. PPC works for the professional services industry more than any other industry. When your customers need plumbing, repair, or electrical services, they won’t bother looking at the second page. They’ll focus on the websites on top of the search results page.

PPC ads are located above the organic results — they are the first thing your customers see.

Your Lead Farm SEO makes sure your ads appear on the results page and compel visitors to click and convert. Launch your campaign today.

    Our PPC Process in Chicago

    Our PPC management service covers everything needed for a successful ads campaign in Chicago. We will plan, execute, and monitor everything on your behalf.

    Keyword Research and Analysis

    Keywords are the background of your PPC campaign because it determines the people who would see your ads. Our PPC strategists conduct comprehensive keyword research that reveals the best words and phrases to bid for, depending on your location and target market.

    Campaign Planning

    Once we have keyword groups and conducted competitor analysis, we will set up the campaign and craft the appropriate strategies for your business. We have a winning bidding strategy to achieve the best possible results.

    Ads Launch

    We launch your campaign. Your ad copies and graphics will align with the intentions and behaviors of your target audience. We have a team of writers, editors, and graphic designers who supply the text and graphics for your ads.

    Campaign Monitoring

    Our PPC strategists monitor the campaign closely to check if we need to make adjustments. We track the traffic, clicks, and conversion rate of the landing pages. We also update you on the health of your campaign.

    Our Brand of PPC Management

    With experienced PPC strategists, Your Lead Farm SEO helps Chicago businesses grow in many ways. Our PPC management services:

    Delivers More Qualified Leads

    PPC ads appear to people who are ready and willing to book your services. With the right keywords, your business will get more qualified leads and more opportunities to convert.

    Give You Control Over Ad Spend

    You can spend as little or as much as you want in your ads. With seasoned PPC strategists on your side, you will get the most out of your investment.

    Gives You the Chance to Remarket

    In case the prospect did not convert right away, remarketing ads compel them to return to the site and convert once they’re ready. These ads serve as a reminder that they can always come back and sign up.

    Build Brand Awareness

    Even if a prospect did not convert, they have already interacted with your brand. By merely viewing your ads, they gained a higher brand awareness.

    Choose the Agency with Robust PPC Experience

    Work with Certified Google Partners

    Your Lead Farm SEO has a team of certified Google and Facebook partners who craft campaigns in line with the latest PPC techniques on these platforms.

    Access a 24/7 Dashboard

    You have access to a 24/7 client dashboard that displays key performance metrics. We uphold transparency in our PPC ad management.

    Leverage Our Industry Expertise

    We focus on professional service businesses, so we understand the unique PPC challenges of your industry.

    Supporting Services across the Country

    Your Lead Farm SEO believes that every plumber, electrician, or repair personnel deserves access to reliable and cost-effective digital campaigns, so we are keen on expanding our PPC management services outside Chicago. Watch out for our services in:

    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Chicago, IL
    • Fort Worth, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Austin, TX
    • San Diego, CA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • San Jose, CA
    • Columbus, OH
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Seattle, WA
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Denver, CO

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