Web Design Services for Chicago’s Professional Service Businesses

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Your Chicago Business Needs Professional Web Design

There’s a lot at stake when you build your website. As a plumber, electrician, or repairman in Chicago, your site must convey professionalism and send the message that you can fix issues quickly. Your operating hours must be clear, your credentials highlighted, and contact channels should beopen at all times.

Your Lead Farm SEO focuses on businesses in the professional services industry. We know the right design elements to trigger conversions. Get in touch for web design services in Chicago today.

    The Platforms We Work With

    Our web design covers the most popular platforms, to accommodate every professional service business in Chicago.


    WordPress is trusted by hundreds of millions of sites, thanks to its professional themes and diverse plugins that cater to various business needs. WordPress sites are also SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive, so they are ready to rank and capture customers on launch day.


    Shopify is a favorite among e-merchants because it is easy to setup and has virtually no learning curve. You can easily tailor the features to your needs, and the resulting site is mobile-ready. Shopify is designed for e-commerce, and it will help you reach your business goals.

    Custom Solutions

    If neither WordPress nor Shopify meets your needs, we will find a custom solution for you. We will design a website on your platform of choice and help you set up all the features needed for your Chicago brand (calendars, appointment booking,etc.).

    Our Brand of Web Design

    Feature-Rich Site

    Our designers aim for a positive and consistent user experience across your site. We incorporate multiple features to give the visitors what they need and display what you want to show.


    We want your site to be optimized right from the get-go, so we cover the relevant technical elements, such as page loading time. You’ll have a good starting place for future SEO campaigns.


    Most of your customers are on-the-go. We make sure that your site adapts to various screen sizes so you can reach them through whatever device they use – desktop or laptop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

    Clean Layout

    We prize an uncluttered layout so that the visitors will have a great time on your site. Your portal will have aligned text, strategically placed buttons, and color harmony.

    Easy Navigation

    The navigation menu will be highly visible, and all the buttons are clearly labeled. All product pages will fall into proper categories. Users will easily find what they need.

    Reflects Your Brand

    The colors, font, and graphics of the entire site will represent your company and set you apart from your competitors.

    Learn more about our web design and development services in Chicago. Get a free design consultation today.

    Choose Designers Who Understand Your Industry

    Seasoned Web Designers

    Our designers have built countless sites for different businesses, from roofers to pest control companies. We know the right elements to trigger conversions.

    Streamlined Revision Process

    Our web design services cover revisions. You can suggest tweaks and adjustments to the design to achieve what you envision for your website.

    Industry Expertise

    We have been working with businesses in the professional services industry, so we know the best design layouts and features to set your brand apart.

    Designing Sites for Businesses across the Country

    Your Lead Farm SEO wants to design beautiful and functional websites for businesses outside Chicago.Watch out for our expansion into:

    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Chicago, IL
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • Fort Worth, TX
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • Austin, TX
    • San Francisco, CA
    • San Diego, CA
    • San Jose, CA
    • Denver, CO
    • Indianapolis, IN
    • Seattle, WA
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Columbus, OH
    • Charlotte, NC

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